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We offer luxury and standard sedans, VIP passenger vans, corporate sedans, and full-size coaches for five-star hotels and luxury residences in Thailand. 


All vehicles in our fleet are comprehensively insured, and our reputation is built on reliability and punctuality. We are thankful for all the support we have received and continue to receive by our valued partners.

Managing Director and Owner of The Orien

Panjavilai Song-Im is the Managing Director and Owner of Oriental Trans and Car Service Company Limited.



All vehicles in our fleet have been comprehensively insured with a minimum of US$1 million third-party liability coverage.

Our reputation is built upon reliability and punctuality, and we are thankful for all the support from our valued business partnerships whom we are committed to better serve with personal care, attention, and quality.

Our mission is to pursue the activities which add more value to our clients and their expectations. We strive to harmonize our own interests with those of our customers and society. Our company is well established in the hotel and tourism industry in Thailand and is managed by veterans with over 30 years of working experience.

Oriental Trans and Car Service Company Limited is Thailand's leading luxury limousine and tour service with a fleet of prestigious vehicles. To meet your needs, we offer luxury and standard sedans, VIP passenger vans, corporate sedans, and full-size coaches. 

The services we provide include airport transfer (to and from),  VIP tours to top destinations, and Fast Track at the airport. 

Our tours are tailored-made upon requests from guests and are completely private with a luxury vehicle, a professional tour guide, and chauffeur. All our guides and chauffeurs have passed customer service training with five-star hotels. We also do personal, educational, and criminal background checks on all guides and chauffeurs.



Please indulge us as we go into the history of this industry. In the past, the image of the hotel limousine business was not viewed as a service with much significance. Limousine services used vehicles of low standard and quality. Drivers did not meet sufficient standards of hospitality and respectability and did not have uniforms, which clients would associate with a company or service. 


Administration and management also fell short of universal and international criteria. It was around that time our president was appointed Managing Director of The Oriental Taxi Service Company Limited, a company that provides limousine service to The Oriental Bangkok.

With the experience and first-hand knowledge of many developed countries, we realized the need to revise and reform our business practices to better conform to the standard universal expectations of quality and service. Specifically, we took actions to improve the vehicles used to service clients, by starting to use Mercedes-Benz’s in 1989. We set up quarters for our drivers to wash up and change into their uniforms before servicing clients. We organized a new administration and management system to make employees aware of changes in the hotel, and expectations of hotel guests. 

It was with great pride that the company was granted the trust and confidence of The Oriental Bangkok Hotel. It has allowed us to be a limousine service provider for them to this day. 

Oriental Trans and Cars Service Company Limited work to maintain the strength, stability, and integrity of management in the areas of investment and long-term planning, particularly training of our employees, and to continually improve our service to provide a smooth introduction of new drivers. Oriental Trans and Car Service Company Limited is dedicated to providing cost-efficient solutions for hotel and travel-related organizations in marketing, sales, and customer service. 



Panjavilai Song-Im

Managing Director

Ruengchai Yongpiyakul-Fleet Manager.jpg

Ruengchai Yongpiyakul

Fleet Manager

Willaya Song-Im-Operations-Manager.jpg

Willaya Song-Im

Operations Manager

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